Nice to meet you, it is the future (Miki).

I have been working as an esthetician in a beauty salon.
Will be entered in this way in nearly 10 years, beside carrying out the beauty in the core business,
a lot of people about diet and bust-up
support, activities that advice at the same time we perform.
For diet and bust-up,
is not really very few people with the right knowledge.
TV, magazines, books, etc. WEB site
due to too much information has been flooding,
● What are correct and what is wrong?
Our man in the street,
it has become very determined and difficult situation.
I as a professional to know the mechanism of the human body,
a stir in this current situation, a lot of people that are having trouble
I want to continue telling the “truth”.
Miserable and miserable clown

As I wrote above, I of the days of the early 20s, it had suffered terribly in the small of the breast.
Had suffered suffer from the complex.
● fashionable even want to,
you want to be ● love,
you want to play to go to the sea ●,
it is noted by everyone ●,
I thought so, but the
complex was not me forgive such a merry dream.
Friends congenial from the school days,
do not know and I’m troubled by the chest is small.
Because I hate is to their own it is miserable feelings,
in front of everyone that you are in a state in which the Akkerakan
I was devoted.
I and do not have a complex
friends who are convinced is, every time there is something opportunity you have fun in the joke that my chest is small.

I lied to my mind each time,
I had played the clown.